Client Testimonial

I have been working with the team from Velocity Technology Resources since 1989. 

They have always delivered excellent service and they have been responsible for successfully servicing the majority of the IT staffing needs of the Companies I have been with. 

Their success has been due to the way they have approached both parties: the candidate and the Company.  Bob Midoneck has always listened carefully to what my Company is looking for, both  from a skillset and cultural perspective. 

They do a strong job assessing the candidates goals, wants, needs and skillsets and as a result I see few but qualified and interested candidates.
They are great match-makers!

Velocity Technology has always had the highest rate of success in placing candidates with me. 
Finally, Velocity Technology is more than a placement firm to me.  

My relationship with Bob Midoneck has become one of a Trusted Advisor. Bob and I have found ways to help each other improve on the things we do in our careers. How many head-hunter/staffing firms are doing that?"

Steven R.
Chief Information/Administrative Officer


Getting Hired Guide

Despite what some people might think, landing a job in this economy is not an impossible task. The job search process can be overwhelming, and candidates are often guilty of cutting corners – even though they know it’s against their best interests. Perhaps you’re guilty of putting together a resume that represents you “OK,” or maybe you browse only the job boards in hopes that your dream position will surface among the noise. Truth is, these strategies might find you a job eventually – but the most successful job seekers aggressively work every step of the search, from planning their career path to following up after the interview’s over.

Whatever you’re doing to find a job, you can always do more. We at Velocity Technology Resources are dedicated to assisting you in your search every step of the way.  You can call us, email us or begin your search by reading our Getting Hired Guide.  Or, you can browse our job listings and begin your search process by registering on our site and sending us your resume. 

The following pages will help guide you to a more productive search.

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