Post Interview

As soon as possible after completing an interview, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts about the interview.

  • Write up a summary of the questions asked and your answers to them.  This way you will have a record of your responses for future reference if you should have any follow-up interviews with the employer.
  • List the names of the people you met with, as well as their contact information (email and phone).
  • Write down your impressions of the Company and the people you met with.  What did you think of the position?
  • Were there any questions you didn’t get to ask that you would like information on?
  • Is there anything you could have done better? 

Immediately after the interview, or as soon as you are able, please contact your Velocity Technology Resource recruiter and provide them with your assessment of the interview.  We will then call the client and get their impression of you, and let them know your impression of them. 

If appropriate, a thank you letter should be sent to the client asserting that you believe the position is an excellent fit. Additionally, supply any information to address any concerns the client might have had, and express your gratitude for the interview.