Client Testimonial

I have been working with the team from Velocity Technology Resources since 1989. 

They have always delivered excellent service and they have been responsible for successfully servicing the majority of the IT staffing needs of the Companies I have been with. 

Their success has been due to the way they have approached both parties: the candidate and the Company.  Bob Midoneck has always listened carefully to what my Company is looking for, both  from a skillset and cultural perspective. 

They do a strong job assessing the candidates goals, wants, needs and skillsets and as a result I see few but qualified and interested candidates.
They are great match-makers!

Velocity Technology has always had the highest rate of success in placing candidates with me. 
Finally, Velocity Technology is more than a placement firm to me.  

My relationship with Bob Midoneck has become one of a Trusted Advisor. Bob and I have found ways to help each other improve on the things we do in our careers. How many head-hunter/staffing firms are doing that?"

Steven R.
Chief Information/Administrative Officer


Preparing for Your Search

The most successful job searches almost “always” start with a plan.  The right amount of preparation is essential.  Planning helps you clarify your goals, understand your skills, target specific jobs and employers, and gives you more confidence and puts you a step ahead of competitors.  Most of all, it keeps you focused on, and in control, of your job search.

Networking is the most important aspect of any job search.  Many jobs are not advertised on Corporate Web sites, job boards, or in specialty publications.  People learn about these jobs from friends, relatives, acquaintances, and search firms (like our!)

Social networking sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and others have also become an integral part of a job search.  More often, than not, your profile on one of these sites are checked out by hiring managers and recruiters, so you need to pay attention to your public image during your search.  You must do the following:

  • Check out how your voicemail greeting sounds.  Keep your greeting simple, concise professional and clear.
  • Make sure your email address presents a professional image.
  • Check your social networking profiles.  Human Resource professionals are using various sites to conduct checks on job candidates.  Avoid displaying undesirable personal habits which could be a major concern for employers.  If you have posted stories or photos of drinking and/or inappropriate behavior, take them off the site immediately.  Also make sure your spelling and grammar are correct, as they can indicate poor communication skills.
  • Google your own name and see what comes up.  You would be surprised at what you might see

Be prepared.  A successful job searcher will do whatever it takes to land the right job.  Do you know what employers are looking for when they ask behavioral interview questions?  Have you familiarized yourself with the most common interview questions in your field, and have you practiced your responses to ensure a good impression? 


Lastly, prioritize your job search and be ready to put your best foot forward whenever the call comes, and you’ll land a rewarding job in no time.

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