Client Testimonial

I have been working with the team from Velocity Technology Resources since 1989. 

They have always delivered excellent service and they have been responsible for successfully servicing the majority of the IT staffing needs of the Companies I have been with. 

Their success has been due to the way they have approached both parties: the candidate and the Company.  Bob Midoneck has always listened carefully to what my Company is looking for, both  from a skillset and cultural perspective. 

They do a strong job assessing the candidates goals, wants, needs and skillsets and as a result I see few but qualified and interested candidates.
They are great match-makers!

Velocity Technology has always had the highest rate of success in placing candidates with me. 
Finally, Velocity Technology is more than a placement firm to me.  

My relationship with Bob Midoneck has become one of a Trusted Advisor. Bob and I have found ways to help each other improve on the things we do in our careers. How many head-hunter/staffing firms are doing that?"

Steven R.
Chief Information/Administrative Officer


Resume Preparation

  • Having a solid and effective resume can greatly enhance your chances of landing a great job.  Here are some tips for writing a good targeted resume.
  • Know the purpose of your resume - The purpose of the resume is to land an interview, not the job!
  • Tailor your resume - Your resume shouldbe tailored for each opportunity you apply to.  The “one size fits all” type of resume is too general and will decrease the chance of you getting called in for an interview.
  • Use the right keywords – Many companies are using databases that search off of specific keywords.  Without the proper keywords, the chances of your resume being picked are slim.
  • Use effective titles - Try to be as descriptive as possible in order to give the employer a good idea of what you do.  Don’t use a general title like “Vice President”.  Use a descriptive title like “Manager of Application Development, V.P.
  • Proofread your resume - Proofread your resume multiple times.  Have someone else do it for you as well.  One misspelling or any incorrect grammar on your resume and you reduce your chances of being called in for an interview
  • Use Bullet Points – No one wants to read long paragraphs of text.  Use bullet points or short sentences to describe your experiences
  • Pay attention to the typography – Make sure your fonts are no smaller than 10 points.  Don’t use capital letters all over the place.  Don’t over bold your resume.  Arial and Times Roman are good choices to use for fonts. 
  • List achievements – Resumes that include long lists of responsibilities are boring.  Include your accomplishments on your previous jobs
  • Don’t include irrelevant information – Listing your age, political affiliations, religion and marital status will not help you.  In fact it may even hurt your chances of landing an interview.  Just skip it!
  • Make sure your resume is extremely accurate – Most companies today conduct background checks.  If your resume contains incorrect dates, missing jobs, or inaccurate degrees, and the client discovers the inaccuracies, you can lose the job.
  • Use action verbs.
  • No hobbies on the resume
  • Update your resume regularly – It is a good idea to update your resume on a regular basis.  This is the best way to keep track of everything and ensure you will not send an obsolete resume to a potential employer
  • List all your positions within a company – This shows progression within the company and your career.
  • Keep your resume to a maximum of 4 pages- Anymore and the resume will not be read. 
  • Don’t use pronouns – Your resume should not contain the pronouns “I” or “me”.  Keep your resume in the “3rd person”.
  • Don’t forget the basics – The first thing on your resume should be your name.  It should be bolded and the font should be a little larger than the rest of the resume.  Make sure your contact details are clearly listed.  Also keep your contact information out of the header in the resume.  Many companies use candidate tracking systems that parse the resume into their database, and information that is inside the headers do not get parsed. This prevents your name and contact information from going into the database and your chance of getting picked for an interview are greatly reduced
  • Consider getting professional help – Finally, if you are having a hard time creating your resume, or if you are receiving no response from companies, consider hiring a professional resume writing service.

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