Client Testimonial

I have been working with the team from Velocity Technology Resources since 1989. 

They have always delivered excellent service and they have been responsible for successfully servicing the majority of the IT staffing needs of the Companies I have been with. 

Their success has been due to the way they have approached both parties: the candidate and the Company.  Bob Midoneck has always listened carefully to what my Company is looking for, both  from a skillset and cultural perspective. 

They do a strong job assessing the candidates goals, wants, needs and skillsets and as a result I see few but qualified and interested candidates.
They are great match-makers!

Velocity Technology has always had the highest rate of success in placing candidates with me. 
Finally, Velocity Technology is more than a placement firm to me.  

My relationship with Bob Midoneck has become one of a Trusted Advisor. Bob and I have found ways to help each other improve on the things we do in our careers. How many head-hunter/staffing firms are doing that?"

Steven R.
Chief Information/Administrative Officer


How We Are Different

We are often asked what makes us different.  What separates Velocity Technology Resources from other IT staffing firms?  Here are some things that we believe set us apart from the rest. 

  • Values:  Our entire business is driven by our clearly articulated values of Excellence, Compassion, Collaboration and Integrity.  We welcome you to hold us accountable to our values.
  • Commitment to Service: Service sums up the reason we do what we do.  Understanding that we are in a service business that impacts the quality of other people’s lives.  It is making every contact matter, instilling confidence, creating optimism, and working with enthusiasm, passion and energy.  We strive to transfer this commitment to service into our client’s workplace.
  • Determination to Succeed – Velocity’s determination and desire to succeed, is the key to our being different.  It’s taking a long term approach to things.  It’s our drive to be the best.  Working hard to improve each day.  It’s our passion for the industry and our desire to set new standards in quality and service,
  • Expertise – We use our experience and intelligence to continually create opportunities.  We understand our clients’ businesses and the people in the business.  We understand what drives their success.  It’s having the right people, with the right talent, and the right insight. 

But that’s not what makes us different.  What truly sets us apart from the rest is an exceptional client experience.  If we sound like a different kind of Technology Staffing Company, it’s because we are.  Velocity Technology Resources  would like to speak to you regarding your relationship with technology. Contact us by [clicking here] or by calling us at 732-308-0888.

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